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The almost 9-meter cruiser with an open deck and a typical spoiler option, offers unique interior solutions that are not found in this class of yachts, namely a separate, spacious, closed master bedroom with an additional seat, bow bed with sleeping option for 2 persons, kitchenette and bathroom with separate shower cubicle!The advantage of the unit is its full universality enabling use on seas, lakes or rivers while maintaining mobility in this segment.


A 10-meter yacht with an elegant and at the same time sporty silhouette. Common stylistic elements of all models of the new generation of Cobrey yachts, i.e. stylish air intakes, hull window line and characteristic “fangs” on Hard Top plus the design control panel are designed to draw the attention of potential customers. Cobrey 33 HT’s unique advantage is the buoyancy of the vessel obtained, among others thanks to the use of advanced technology in the production of the hull, which makes it durable and at the same time light compared to similar-sized vessels.

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Definitely for those who like open spaces and a sporty look. In addition to the stylish and functional large spoiler, yacht has a low, sporty windshield with black finishing. Access to the bow deck is via comfortable half-decks on both sides of the yacht, that is why center space in the cockpit is fully functional. Glazed doors invite you to enter the comfortable lower deck.


Description about the model coming soon.


The 16 meters of a perfect yacht. The hull made in the infusion technology, the deck structure made of carbon and the special design that allows the use of a shaft drive or IPS, are innovative features of this unit. A yacht for the most demanding customers, with great personalization possibilities – we can create a one-of-a-kind vessel that will be dedicated exclusively to the first owner.

A wide range of interior deck layouts makes all accommodation and functionality requirements possible. Choose between 2 or 3 cabins on the lower deck, kitchen, dining room, and any set of sofas. A garage for tender, sofa and sun deck in the bow will make active time on sea waters and in sunny resorts more enjoyable.


Cobrey 50 FLY is the newest and largest motor yacht in the shipyard offer it presents high quality materials and a long tradition in the construction of motor yachts, which guarantees luxurious pleasure while using the yacht. A wide range of interior layouts of the lower and upper deck gives the opportunity to meet all accommodation and functionality requirements. Kitchen on the lower or lower deck, 2 or 3 cabins, optionally furnished sofa – we give the opportunity to create an interior layout at your discretion and needs. The largest yacht also means the greatest opportunity to meet individual and extraordinary needs.

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