The Fly Series

Azimut Yachts

A barrierless and illuminated experience, the iconic Azimut Flybridge Series was forged out of tradition to offer guests a contemporary and sea-immersive experience. Evoking the feeling of being on top of the world, exclusive raised spaces express the beauty and pleasure of open-air living and freedom.

Fly 50

As a symbol of Azimut’s heritage, today’s Fly 50 radiates the sensational seafaring and sportive charisma she has embodied since her very first launch.

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Fly 53

The airy ambience summons a sudden feeling of freedom on the Fly 53, well matched with the dynamic modern family’s search for new horizons.

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Fly 60

A yachting marvel of spacious abundance, the Fly 60 astonishes the senses by exploring the essence of a curated boutique hotel surrounded by endless ocean views.

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Fly 68

A refined lifestyle-tailored statement, the ingenious Fly 68 was born to transform onboard living spaces into a uniquely personal affair.

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Fly 72

An equilibrium of power and presence, the Fly 72 combines a considerable stature with avant-garde ingenuity, artfully masquerading volume through a taut design and grand glass surfaces.

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Fly 78

Through impeccable spatial solutions, the Fly 78 mimics the ambience of a larger yacht without compromising the sportive agility of smaller vessels.

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Fly 83

The Fly 83 offers full immersion in a new world, one that harmonizes sportive integrity with the magnificence of a superyacht, fully equipped for sumptuous comfort.

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