Discover the joy and freedom of boating.

The Joy and Freedom of Boating

There is no feeling like being on the water. It sparks creativity and play. Boating resets our minds, allowing us time to relax and recharge while connecting us with nature. It's meditative by offering an escape from our everyday lives; a space to disconnect.


Our Ethos

At Zone Marine, we curate experiences and memories through the joy of boating. From the sensation of a gentle breeze in the early morning, to the sunset laughters amongst friends and family, nothing compares to the feeling of being on the water. To boat is to be in the moment. A rare luxury in today’s fast pace environment.


A Tailored Experience

Choosing the right boat is exciting, but can be overwhelming. We’re here to make the experience enjoyable and stress free! Whether you enjoy the unknown, the open-sea, family time, or lounging; We’ll find you the perfect fit!


Resource from Start to Finish

We’re more than a dealer. We also offer after-sales support, maintenance, brokerage, storage, and more! Dock spaces are also available at our Saint Paul de L'Ile aux Noix Marina.

A Sustainable Future

At Zone Marine we believe in a cleaner, brighter future. We curate our partnerships by selecting brands that are aligned with the vision of a sustainable future. From hybrid to fully electric models, we believe in yachts for a conscious world.

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